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Why Build A Long Term Relationship With Your Videographer?

When it comes to choosing service providers for your business, there are a lot of things for you to consider. And once you’ve chosen someone, you have to decide whether you would use them again. There are many reasons you might want to vary your suppliers from project to project. Budget, service offering, customer service or even just personal preference. But we’re here today to tell you that your photographer and videographer shouldn’t be one of them. Instead, you should aim for the opposite – to choose a supplier and build a long-lasting, strong relationship with them. Here’s why.

What Makes A Good Promotional Video?

Whether it’s Instagram Stories, YouTube Shorts, or the now infamous TikTok, 2022 is yet another year where the marketing sphere is being dominated by video. The buzz around video in the business world has been growing louder and louder over the last few years, with more businesses realising that video is often the key to success online. Which really is not that much of a surprise, since Google tells you that video is a preferred type of content for its search engine ranking algorithms!

Professional Chefs and Photographers – They’re More Alike Than You Think!

When you go to a Michelin-starred restaurant, you go there because you know the food will be of an amazingly high standard. Yes it’s more expensive, but you know it’s the result of years of knowledge, experience and passion coming together to produce a truly show-stopping dish. The same can be said for a professional photographer. When you look at a final set of photographs, you’re seeing all of that knowledge and experience coming together to create something AMAZING.

Pricing (And Why We Don’t Talk About It)

Have you ever wondered why many photographers and videographers don’t have a price list available to view online? Providing your pricing upfront is fairly customary practise in other industries, but in this one, it’s actually the opposite. Most photographers and videographers won’t display their prices ahead of time, and instead will wait for you to contact them so they can generate a bespoke quotation for you. If you’ve never worked like this before, we understand it can be a bit frustrating.

Why The Equipment Your Videographer Uses Matters

For years now there has been a big debate in the world of visual marketing. Does the equipment you use for photography and videography really matter? Some will get bogged down in the semantics of whether the brand you choose matters, and others will argue about the type of equipment making all the difference. At Horizon Imaging we come down on the side of yes, it does matter.

6 Benefits to Time Lapse Filming

Have you ever wished you could condense a few hours, days or even months into a shorter space of time? I think we all have at one point or another! But while it might not be possible in real-time, when it comes to video marketing you absolutely can. The idea behind time-lapse video is simply taking an image every minute, 10 minutes or 20 minutes (the interval can be set exactly), and assembling these frames one after another to create a video that covers the entire duration of a project or event.

Architectural photographs and virtual tour of remodelled property in Haslemere, Surrey

Earlier this summer we were commissioned by a construction company to capture marketing imagery of one of their latest property remodelling / extension projects in Haslemere, Surrey. The extent of the work was far-ranging, from building a new swimming pool, adding a roof terrace, remodelling an existing basement, as well as adding a significant new three-storey extension to one end of the property.

What factors impact the price of a Matterport Virtual Tour?

Creating our immersive Matterport Virtual Tours is an involved process which varies greatly depending on the size of the property to be scanned, and the complexity of the contents of the building.

When quoting to produce our virtual tours, we will generally ask for the square meterage of the property, as this will give us a good idea of the overall size of the space. We’ll also ask where the property is located, how many floors the property has, whether the property is furnished, whether any outdoor spaces or outbuildings need to be captured too, and exactly which parts of the property need to be included in the tour.

Matterport Virtual Tours and what they can do for your business

When it comes to winning business online, the key is to stand out. But if your ‘wow’ factor can only be seen when someone visits your physical premises, how do you hook them in without it? At Horizon Imaging, we have the answer — virtual tours.

A virtual tour can enchant your prospects like few other things can, making them fall in love with your venue (or your business) from afar. They also encourage engagement with your website, and when online engagement could be the difference between you and your competitors, there is no better way to showcase your business.

Introducing our new Time-Lapse Filming service!

We have increasingly been asked by our clients whether we can provide long-term time-lapse filming — we are pleased to say that now we can! The following content has been taken from our Time Lapse Filming page from the Services section of our website.

There’s something fascinating about watching buildings appear out of the ground before your eyes in a matter of minutes. So whether it’s capturing an entire construction project from start to finish, capturing the interior fit-out of an office, or capturing a corporate event like an exhibition from set-up to break-down, our state-of-the-art time-lapse cameras will deliver beautiful panoramic imagery of your projects — long or short, indoors or out.