Horizon Imaging

Brand new 2018 Drone Aerial Filming showreel released

Our brand new Drone Aerial Filming showreel is long overdue … but it’s finally here! 
This video incorporates some of the wide range of aerial footage we’ve shot with our drones over the past 3 years. From construction sites to campsites, business parks to universities, private gardens to lavish weddings, we’ve filmed it all in glorious high definition (and some of the latest footage is in 4K too). 
So sit back, grab a coffee and immerse yourself in the incredible bird’s-eye perspectives that only our drones can provide. 
Do you own or manage a large site which enjoys a beautiful setting, is currently being built, or is architecturally stunning? Drone aerial filming is by far the best way to capture the site for use in your marketing collateral. 
Flying from head-height to 400 feet above the ground (or even indoors as in the showreel above!) and shooting ultra-stable footage in stunning 4K resolution, our drone aerial filming service provides unique bird’s-eye footage, guaranteed to make your jaw drop! 
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