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Beautiful new flint-clad church hall photographed in Redhill, Surrey

Last month we were commissioned by Corniche Builders to photograph one of their latest projects — a brand new flint-clad church hall in Redhill, Surrey. Justifiably proud of the beautiful design and execution of this new building, Corniche were keen to show it off to its best using professional ground-level and elevated photographs. 
The church hall was built directly next to the existing 19th Century St John the Evangelist Church, and it was key that the design and appearance of the new hall matched the church as closely as possible. From copying the style of the arched stone windows through to cladding the entire building in flint (a painstaking and costly process), the finished building looks as if it always been there — and that it’s simply been cleaned more often than the church itself! 
Mast aerial photo of a brand new church hall next to St John the Evangelist Church in Redhill, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Architectural photo of a brand new church hall next to St John the Evangelist Church in Redhill, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Corniche initially only asked for a set of elevated photographs to be taken of the new church hall with our mast, but on offering an accompanying set of ground-level photos (showing the development as people would see it from eye-level), they gladly agreed to the have the additional images taken. 
As with many sites where we use our telescopic mast, we erected the mast in positions simply not accessible to traditional vehicle-mounted masts. This allowed us to find the optimum angles from which to photograph the church with very little effort. 
Close-up architectural photographs taken at ground-level of the new church hall in Redhill, Surrey. Click any image to enlarge. 
One aspect of this shoot which is not immediately apparent when viewing the final photographs is how much clutter there was on the site! As the landscaping was not the responsibility of Corniche Builders (and the landscaping would not be completed for several more months), there were piles of earth, barriers, and most notably, loose gravestones scattered around the site! The latter were in the process of being re-sited as the church hall was actually built on part of the church’s cemetery, and dozens of gravestones had to be removed and re-sited before the church hall could be constructed. 
As it was impractical to move all the earth and gravestones out of sight whilst the photographs were taken, they were simply removed afterwards during the post-production. This is a standard service we offer to our clients, and it can make the difference between average photographs (with distracting elements drawing the viewers’ attention away from the main subject of the images) and outstanding photographs (which draw the viewers’ attention straight to the main subject). For more information on our post-processing services, please take a look at this blog post
Corniche Builders were delighted with the service we provided and recently sent us the following kind testimonial: 
“Horizon Imagery carried out high level mast photography for a new church hall we constructed in Redhill, Surrey. From the moment we made contact we found them thoroughly professional to deal with and the quality of the work produced was first class. We will be happy to use them in the future for our building projects.” 

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