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Architectural photographs and virtual tour of remodelled property in Haslemere, Surrey

Earlier this summer we were commissioned by a construction company to capture marketing imagery of one of their latest property remodelling / extension projects in Haslemere, Surrey. The extent of the work was far-ranging, from building a new swimming pool, adding a roof terrace, remodelling an existing basement, as well as adding a significant new three-storey extension to one end of the property. 
The first stage of the shoot was taking external photographs of the property, in a way that would do this incredible property justice — not an easy task given the property was three storeys high and was sat at the top of a very sloped garden! 
We took a range of photos, both from head-height, but also using our 9-metre telescopic pole. Using the live video-feed function to remotely view what the camera could ‘see’ via a smartphone app, we were able to stand at the bottom of the garden and yet position the camera level with the bottom of the property, meaning there were no ugly converging vertical lines in the photos (where the property appears to taper as you go up). 
This additional elevation beautifully shows off not only the property, but also the swimming pool, the surrounding landscaped garden as well as the amazing wall of trees which surround the plot on all sides. 
You can see some of the external photographs we took below: 
External architectural photographs of a stunning property in Haslemere, Surrey, after significant remodelling. Click to enlarge. 
With the external photographs in the bag (just as the sun went in for the rest of the day!) we turned our attention to the interior photographs. Many of the rooms had either been completely transformed, or didn’t even exist before, so we were asked to provide a comprehensive range of images of every room in the house. 
Over the years we have perfected our ‘exposure fusion’ method of interior architectural photography, whereby multiple exposures are combined into a single image in software to retain detail in both the highlight and shadow areas of the scenes we capture. Our approach uses no additional / external lights such as flashes, as unless set up very carefully, these can lead to unnatural looking images which get darker the further away you get from the camera. Another benefit of not using additional lighting is that our images tend to faithfully capture how the scenes look to the human eye, making the rooms feel warm and inviting. 
You can see a selection of the interior photographs we took below: 
Internal architectural photographs of a stunning property in Haslemere, Surrey, after significant remodelling. Click to enlarge.
Last but not least we then walked around the entire interior of the property with our Matterport 3D scanning camera, creating an interactive virtual tour of the entire property. To explore this beautiful property yourself, follow these simple instructions: 
  • Click on the play button to load the Matterport Virtual Tour 
  • Click the full-screen icon at the bottom right of the viewer to enter full-screen mode 
When in the ‘Walk-Through’ (default) viewing mode 
  • Click and drag using the left mouse button to look around, and left-click within the room to move in that direction 
  • You can jump to the 3D ‘Doll’s House’ model by clicking on the 3D building icon at the bottom left of the viewer 
When in the ‘Doll’s House’ viewing mode 
  • Click and drag using the left mouse button to rotate the model 
  • Click and drag using the right mouse button to shift the model horizontally and vertically 
  • Click once in any part of the model to jump to that part of the model 
Matterport Virtual Tour of a stunning and significantly remodelled property in Haslemere, Surrey. Click on the play button above to start exploring! 

And here is a little behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot, showing some of the equipment we used! The Matterport camera is on the left, and our high-resolution stills camera is on the right, still mounted to the top of our 9 metre mast. 

Behind-the-scenes at the photo shoot of the property in Haslemere, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 

Our client, Traffco Construction, were delighted with the imagery we produced for them and recently sent us this kind testimonial: 

“We commissioned Horizon Imaging to take some photographs and a Matterport tour for a recent project. David was very professional, efficient and easy to work with. We were extremely pleased with the end results and would highly recommend Horizon Imaging.” 

  • Are you launching a new property, function venue or office space and need it to be professionally captured for inclusion in your marketing material / website? 
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