Horizon Imaging

Architectural marketing imagery taken for national building cladding specialists

Over the last few months we have been photographing a number of sites for digital marketing agency OneAgency on behalf of their client Bailey, specialists in roof and general building cladding products. 
The work involved capturing a mixture of ground-level and aerial imagery of a number of sites where Bailey’s products have been used. So far we’re only able to show photos from two of these projects, but we will be sharing more once permission has been granted. 
The first site we photographed was a block of flats in Clapham, London. The unique ability of our mast to be erected in tight spaces was invaluable here, allowing us to erect the mast down a narrow alleyway next to a railway line to capture an image half way up the rear of the building (see the second image below). We took elevated and ground-level images from all accessible sides of the building to show off the cladding to its best. The first image below was taken from ground-level with a telephoto lens and shows a close-up of the striking facade of the building.
Ground-level and mast aerial photographs of a block of flats in Clapham, London, taken for the manufacturer of the coloured cladding panels. Click to enlarge. 

The next project we photographed was another block of flats, but this time in Bournemouth, Dorset. This time we only took aerial photographs with the mast because the product of interest was the grey felt cladding on the roof — and you cannot see that from ground level! To capture these images, we had to erect the mast on pavements and on undulating grass banks — areas where an ordinary vehicle-mounted mast would have struggled to reach.  

Ground-level and mast aerial photographs of a block of flats in Bournemouth, Dorset, taken for the manufacturer of the coloured cladding panels. Click to enlarge. 
As mentioned previously, these are just two of a number of sites we have photographed for OneAgency and more images will be published on our website in due course once permission has been granted by Bailey. 
OneAgency have been delighted with the service they have recevied from us, and recently sent us this kind testimonial: 

“We have worked with Horizon Imaging on several projects now and have been impressed each and every time. David is always professional, enthusiastic and bends over backwards to help however he can. The quality of the shoots are great and always delivered ahead of schedule in an extremely effective format. We cannot recommend him enough.” 

Do you work for a digital marketing agency and need a flexible and reliable specialist photography company to help capture your clients architectural projects and make them look their absolute best? Give us a call today for a chat about our range of ground-level and aerial photography services. From ground-level to 400 feet we have every angle covered!