Horizon Imaging

Architectural and aerial mast photographs captured of a set of 9 industrial units across Central London

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to photograph a collection of industrial units for Capital Industrial, an asset management company based in Central London. We visited 9 sites over a period of two days, taking elevated aerial photographs with our telescopic mast, and ground-based architectural photographs inside and outside the units. 
The flexibility of our fully-portable telescopic mast allowed us to capture the industrial units from some quite unique locations – from pavements to behind rows of parked cars and in close proximity to railway bridges – positions not accessible with traditional vehicle-mounted masts. Image stitching was also used extensively on several of the shoots as it was not always possible to get far enough away from the industrial units to capture them in one photograph. This stitching technique is explained in one of our previous blog posts. 
Aerial mast photograph of one of a number of industrial units photographed in Central London with our telescopic mast. Click to enlarge. 
Architectural photograph inside an industrial unit used by a luxury coachworks / accident repair centre, Central London. Click to enlarge. 
Capital Industrial were so pleased with the resulting aerial and architectural photographs that they left us the following testimonial shortly after they received the processed images: 
“We approached David to take some ground and aerial mast photographs of selected assets within our portfolio. The brief was to maximise the appearance of the buildings, to carry out the shoots at 9 different locations across London and issue the processed photographs within a short timescale. David achieved everything we asked of him and the results were superb. We will definitely be using David’s services again.” 
If you own large commercial properties that you would like to market from a fresh perspective, please do get in touch and I will be happy to help you out.